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Service for Convenience to Citizens White Paper

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  • Last updated:2023-11-27
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Taiwan Taitung Drug Abuse Treatment Center Service for Convenience to Citizens White Paper




This White Paper briefly introduces the structure of our organization, our services and the list of services for the citizens. It is our wish that the guidance of this White Paper will save the valuable time of the citizens, so that they may finish their business rapidly when they come to our Center. With the spirit of "Customer Oriented", if you have an opinion for the improvement of this White Paper, or for the improvement of this Center, you are welcomed to provide your opinions.


What are we doing for you?

With this "Service for Citizen White Paper," it is our intention to inform the citizens of our services. We will try our best to improve our service quality and performance.


Our Service Idea

In order to carry out the decision of the Ministry of Justice against the drug offender, a Drug Abuse Treatment Center is established in the north, central, south and east regions. As a result, the Taitung Drug Abuse Treatment Center that shared the same location with Taitung Prison has moved to here effective 1-Oct-2006. This Center is under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice. There are four departments and four offices. The departments are the Counseling Department, the Social Department, the Treatment and Protection Department and the Hygiene Department. The offices are the Administration Office, the Human Resources Office, the Accounting Office and the Statistics Office. They combine the resources from the medical workers, social workers, and psychological consultation workers to conduct the treatment of drug abusers. In the process, the abusers can give up drug addiction both physically and psychologically, as well as remove the hazards of drugs.


In order to help you understand the importance of the life of your children, provide them the support and warmth of family, and to become the main driving force of giving up drug habits, we provide the following services:


Services for the Convenience of the Citizens

  1. Details for handling the visit from the family of a resident:
    1. Handle the visit from the family of a resident.
    2. Handle the send in service of items and food from the family of a resident.
    3. Handle the send in service of money from the family of a resident.
    4. Accept the on-the-scene or telephone contact from the citizens.
    5. Volunteers in the visiting room accept the visitation and contact from citizens regarding the visitation services. They also help to fill in the application form for illiterate citizens and implement different services for the physical disabled.
    6. Handle the telephone reservation of visitation service from the family of a resident.
  2. Application for the Certificate
    1. Handle the resident or prison certificate from citizens.
    2. Handle the fingerprint authentication of from the family of a resident.
    3. Handle the collection of items in custody from the family of a resident.
    4. Handle the send in service of medications from the family of a resident.
    5. Handle the application of special visitation from the family of a resident.
    6. Handle the application of remote video visitation from the family of a resident.
    7. Handle the family of the resident visiting the Center and informal discussion.
    8. Hold the telephone or face to face visit on the eve of Lunar New Year, Mother's Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to help the residents and their families avoid missing each other.
  3. Open for Visit

The Center is opened for visitation periodically. The application for visitation from citizens and families of residents is accepted. This helps the population to understand more about the prison policy, the living environment of the residents and the disciplinary measures of our Center.


Measures for the Convenience of the Citizens

  1. Free parking is provided to the family of a resident and the citizens coming for business.
  2. Accomodation for the disabled are provided, including an alarm for entry, a wheelchair ramp, parking and restrooms for the disabled.
  3. Citizen Waiting Area: Comfortable seats are available for citizens taking rest and waiting. Newspapers and magazines are also available for the citizens to read. A large desk is provided for those citizens filling in the application form.
  4. Caring Measures: Presbyopic glasses, umbrellas and money exchange service are available for your convenience.
  5. All areas are afforested in order to provide a comfortable environment to the citizens coming for business and honored guests.
  6. Flowchart: Helps you to understand the notice for various applications and the procedures, and they are labeled on every floor and unit.
  7. The single window is established, for which it provides the enquiry service on different applications, and actively guides the citizens on different applications and visiting.
  8. Enlisting Volunteers. In order to expand the population’s participation in the social service, didactical volunteers are enlisted in addition to general volunteers. In addition to the scheduled services, the training courses are held in order to improve the service ability of the volunteers.
  9. The official website is established. It provides information on the didactical activities, and information on Human Resources and Purchasing. In order to provide services to the blind citizens, the Accessible Template A+ has been obtained in Dec of 2007.
  10. A citizen suggestion box is provided. Our website has established the Director mailbox and citizen suggestion mailbox. The suggestions of the citizens from the channels above will be replied to by the mailbox administrators at once, and will be traced by the Secretary’s Office in order to handle the suggestions of the citizens effectively.
  11. The politeness of the staff is important, and our staff will often be heard saying "Please", "Yes", "Sorry" and "Not at all" frequently. The Directory of our Center, the Secretary and the unit leader observes the status of service on-site regularly and implement politeness tests by phone. The relevant observation and testing results will be included in the Year-end Performance Assessment.
  12. Keeping a good relationship with the neighbors is also very important, so we adopt the parks nearby. The different staffs are sent to clean and beautify the facilities regularly and be a good neighbor.


Our Commitment

We provide an electronic environment. In order to coordinate the requirements of the Information Age, the information in our webpage will be updated regularly in the future to provide pertinent information. Moreover, we coordinate with the establishment of online forms of the Ministry of Justice in order to provide online application to the citizens and satisfy the demands of citizens in the fastest and most effective way.


Service Hours

  1. General Administrative Business
    Monday to Friday 08:00 - 12:00, 13:00 - 17:30
  2. Visitation Period
    1. Registration time is Monday to Friday 08:30 - 11:00, 13:30 - 16:00
    2. Visiting time is the first Sunday of each month.
    3. For successive holidays and festivals, the arrangement will be announced in advance.


Welcome to Give Us Your Comments

If you have any valuable opinions with regard to our services, you are welcomed to tell us. We will accept modestly and handle it as soon as possible. If you have found any fault from us, or would like to provide suggestions, please also tell us for our reference.


Our address: No.317, Guangdong Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County 95042, Taiwan ,R.O.C.

Visiting Room: 089-310185



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