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Location of Reception room

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  • Last updated:2023-10-18
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Location of reception room

Turn right after entering the gate and you will arrive at the reception room.

  • Interview and Register Service Time
    • Government agencies work day: 8:30~11:30 a.m and 13:30~16:00 p.m
    • The first Sunday of the Month: 8:30~11:30 a.m and 13:30~16:00 p.m


  • Service TEL:886-89-310-185 Extension Number 360、361


  • Interview room Handling Matters:
    • Interview and Register Business
    • Send in dishes、books、and daily necessities
    • Send in Money
    • Long distance Interview


  • Interview Process:
    • Please extract number plate and wait for calling number
    • Take number plate to designated window
    • Waiting for Echelon and enter to interview
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